Check connection status

Verify the success of paring.

Tap the smartphone or BONX earphone icon in the top right corner of the BONX app home screen to go to the "Audio Devices" screen.

*If the BONX earphone icon is white, it means pairing has been successful, and if it is red, it means pairing has failed.


If the serial number of your BONX earphones is displayed in the connected device at the bottom center of the "Audio Device" screen, pairing is successful.


Once pairing is successful, the next time you turn on your BONX phone, it will automatically connect.
*The BONX phone will automatically switch to pairing mode for 5 seconds after startup if it cannot find a previously connected smartphone. If it does not switch, please press and hold the power button on your BONX phone for 6 seconds. Shifts to forced pairing mode.

Also, if pairing is not successful using the above method, try turning off the app and restarting it.