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what is the definition of continuous talk time?

Continuous talk time refers to the amount of time that you can continuously talk on the BONX app and BONX WORK using BONX earphones.

The measurement conditions for continuous talk time are as follows.

When only BONX is running and the volume is medium in a one-on-one conversation in a talk room, the ratio of speaking: listening: silence = 15 minutes: 15 minutes: 30 minutes = 1:1:2 continuous call time.
This is based on the results of research on the ratio of the amount of time a person speaks, the amount of time someone else speaks, and the amount of silence in between.

*Please note that the operating time may be reduced by 20-30% depending on the volume and the number of people talking at the same time. In addition, when using BONX earphones in cold regions, playing music on a smartphone (only compatible with iOS), or making general calls, the operating time will be shortened as well. In this way, the operating time will vary depending on the environment and scene of use, so please periodically check the battery level of the BONX earphones connected to your smartphone and recharge as necessary.