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What are the differences between BONX app and BONX WORK app? Also, can I automatically migrate from the BONX app to the BONX WORK app?

BONX WORK has the following five features compared to the regular version of BONX.

・Simultaneous calls can be made for up to 50 to 500 people (depending on the plan)
・Account management is possible and login is required for use, so security is safe
・Business functions including recording function are available (Business plan only)
・Wired earphones with a microphone, AirPods Pro other than BONX earphones can be used
・You can select members from the member list and invite them to the talk room

Since the BONX app and BONX WORK app are different services, automatic migration is not possible. .
Procedures are required in advance to use the BONX WORK app. Please check from the link below.

About switching to BONX WORK app