Functions that require permission on smartphones

To use the BONX app, please allow access to each function and notifications.
Please note that if you do not allow all functions, you will not be able to use some of BONX's functions.

To access each function and allow notifications, when you start the BONX app for the first time, a screen to allow each function will be displayed from the tutorial screen that is displayed first. If you do not give permission at this time, please allow the use of the BONX app for each function from the settings screen of your smartphone.

Additionally, when each function is required while operating the BONX app, a screen asking for permission will be automatically displayed at that time.

  1. Bluetooth Settings > Bluetooth Microphone
  2. Settings > Privacy > Microphone
  3. Notifications Settings > Notification
  4. Location Information Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Always Allow
  5. "Permission for BONX Stories feature": Camera Settings > Privacy > Camera

Settings > Apps > Select BONX > Permissions > Allow storage, microphone, location information