Testing the connection

It is possible to test the connection status using the test function of BONX earphones.

Display the settings menu from the menu at the top left of the screen.

Please perform the test from Settings Menu > BONX Earphone Test.

① Connection status with BONX: BXxxxxxx, not connected
→ Check if Bluetooth is turned on and check the serial number of BONX earphones

・BONX BOOST: Basic operations of BONX BOOST

・BONX Grip: Basic operations of BONX Grip

・BONX mini: Basic operations of BONX mini

②Press the play button and check if you can hear the sound from the speaker.
→If you can't hear it, please check here.
 ・If the sound is low/cannot hear it
 ・Implement forced pairing mode

③Speak out loud and check if the level meter responds.
→If you do not respond, please check here.
    ・Your voice cannot be heard by the other party.